Medical Refrigerator

///Medical Refrigerator

Medical refrigerators are like ordinary freezers that are specially designed for the storage of medicines, vaccines and samples to be tested like: blood, urine, stool etc under a uniformly cool temperature. This assures that the items stored in the medical refrigerators stay in such conditions that they can be used once required. Vacker Nigeria supplies medical refrigerators to most of the medical institutions in major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan and Kano.

Why do we need a Medical refrigerator?

Medical field is a very sensitive field and slightest of mishaps can result fatal. Hence special attention and care of utmost level is always required.

Vacker Nigeria facilitates is ensuring that special attention is paid at place where required. There are a number of vaccines that need to be stored at a very low temperature. The range of temperature can be from -15°C to 8°C depending upon the nature of the vaccine. Failing to maintain the appropriate temperature may permanently degrade the vaccines. By that time, the vaccines have lost their potency and the overall effectiveness is gone. Worse side of it being, such vaccines may have a bad reaction to the recipient causing adverse health effect.

Apart from vaccines, these days there is a practice of storing blood samples, platelets etc that can be used in the future. From the inception of any vaccine, it needs to be stored in proper temperature without being affected by fluctuation of temperature in the external environment. These vaccines need to be stored until it is finally used by the recipient. Most common example is the insulin. These vaccines are prescribed for diabetic patients. There are 1.56 Million diabetic patients in Nigeria (as on 2015 AD). Thus insulin must be stored in a cool temperature inside a medical refrigerator.

The temperature requirement may differ from vaccine to vaccine. Temperature that is suitable for one vaccine may destroy the potency of another vaccine. Hence different medical refrigerators may be used for different vaccines, depending upon the requirement.

Hence it is evident that optimum use of proper medical refrigeration is sought these days in the field of medical science. Poor refrigeration and improper storage may result in wastage of millions of investment by the investors. Apart from keeping the investors money at stake, improper refrigeration may also result in adverse effect on the health of the recipients.

Electronic medical refrigerators:

Medical refrigerators, like any other ordinary refrigerators or freezers, need power for operation. Depending upon the nature of backup they can be electronic refrigerators and solar powered refrigerators. These medical refrigerators work on electricity. Some modern medical refrigerators have in built digital inverters along with digital compressors for back-up in case of sudden power failure.

Solar medical refrigerators:

In country like ours, where we face sudden power failures, medical refrigerators that run on solar power are preferred over those that run on electricity 24X7. These kind of medical refrigerators are best suitable of rural areas where there may not be proper provision of electricity or there where power fluctuation is maximum. Such power fluctuation can damage the machine hence ending up destroying the items stored in it. You just need sunlight for its functionality; the solar panel will provide the required energy for it.

Vacker Nigeria supplies medical refrigerators and freezers that are specially designed for use in medical institutions. Some models give you the luxury of display panel for temperature readings, data logging facility, temperature alarms, door locking system. Some compact freezers are used in the transportation of temperature sensitive vaccines.