Commercial Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are very important devices for industries and warehouses. Especially if the warehouse or the industry require to store items such as tobacco medicines, chemicals, leather items, clothes etc. a commercial dehumidifier is a must. Our company Vacker Nigeria has a wide range of commercial dehumidifier that it supplies to different industries and warehouses according to their requirement. Our products can be found in different cities of Nigeria such as Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Aba, etc.

Effects of humidity in ware houses and industries

Industrial Dehumidifier DH95S Vacker Nigeria

High humidity can have an adverse effect on the industries and their warehouse related to tobacco, medicine, printing, chemicals, grinding and machining, food packaging etc. High humidity can seriously cause drastic reduction of quality of tobacco, medicines and chemicals. The chemical can have its composition changed due to the moisture in the air. In the food processing and packaging industry one has to be aware of the humid air as these type of air can seriously affect the quality of the food products. The clothes stored in the warehouse if not kept safe from the humidity can develop fungus in them. These kind of things can cause an industry and warehouse loss of millions of dollars.

Hence it is better to install a dehumidifier with the capability of dehumidifying the whole of warehouse. Since an industrial warehouse is generally large in area small dehumidifiers that are used in office or home won’t be able to dehumidify the whole area. Therefore we suggest people to use commercial dehumidifiers that are designed to dry up the moisture of the air of a large area.

Things to remember while buying a commercial dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier TTK800 Vacker Nigeria

People should always know the size of their warehouse because the power of a dehumidifier required depends upon the area to be dehumidified. The customer should know the general relative humidity of the area for this he may use a hygrometer. Also the user should consider the items to be stored in the warehouse as some items may be more sensitive to the humidity than the other items. The larger the area of the warehouse the higher airflow required in the area hence customer should look to buy dehumidifiers with higher airflow for effective dehumidification. Lower amount of airflow from the dehumidifier can result improper dehumidification of the area far away from the system.

Warehouse Dehumidifier TTK1500S Vacker Nigeria

The electric circuit should be of right kind for the installation of a dehumidifier. The energy consumption of the dehumidifier should also be monitored. People should look to buy energy efficient dehumidifiers as it can save both energy consumption and money. If you need any kind of help or information for the installation of dehumidifier in your warehouse we provide you expert advice too. We can help you install the right kind of dehumidifier in your warehouse and keep your valuable items safe from the humidity. The user should always be aware of the warranty provided by the company of the dehumidifier and hence look forward to buy the system of maximum warranty.

After installation of the dehumidifier the user should thoroughly look at the manual of the system and specially learn to maintain the system. This can help in prolonging the life of the system.

Commercial dehumidifier TTK 1500

Commercial Dehumidifier DH150AX Vacker Nigeria

Vacker Nigeria supplies this type of dehumidifier which is a very good and powerful dehumidifier specially designed for the industrial warehouse, in Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Aba, etc. It can effectively reduce the humidity in the air in a large area. It can dehumidify moisture from the air as much as 400 liters in a day. It contains wheel on its base so that user can easily transfer the dehumidifier as per the requirement. It can easily operate in temperature from 0 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius. Also it can operate smoothly in a surrounding having relative humidity from 35% to 100%.