When the climate of a region is very dry it creates lots of problem for the household, industries, offices etc. because it may be really uncomfortable to stay in a dry space. For such uncomfortable situation our company Vacker Nigeria provides different types of humidifier for our clients. You can use our company’s service in different parts of Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Port Hartcourt, Aba, etc.

Effects of low humidity

Low humidity dry skin, chapped lips, irritation in sinuses and throats. Viruses of different diseases tend to survive through a longer period of time hence infection through diseases increases due to low humidity. It also can cause itching in the eyes. It may also effect different electronic devices adversely. Due to the increased static due to low humidity expensive electronic items can get damaged. Low humidity also results in making us feel cold and uncomfortable hence overall low humidity can be very bad to a person’s health and productivity.

What is a Humidifier?

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The device that is capable of increasing the moisture in the air of a place is known as humidifier. It is generally used to humidify a room or a whole building according to the requirement.

Types of humidifiers available in the market:

Industrial Humidifier

These humidifiers can prevent static energy buildup which preserve important and expensive electronic and other items and also maintains a certain level of comfort for the people living or working in the place. This is specially used to maintain a certain level of humidity in a place. This humidifier is generally used in the industries to prevent static energy as this type of energy can easily effect packaging or printing. Industries such as paper industry, textile industry, electronic industry are also adversely affected by the static industry. Hence our industrial humidifiers are absolutely must for such industries to preserve their work force and properties.

Portable Humidifier

This type of humidifier comes in different shape and size. A person has to supply water in definite interval of time into the humidifier which the humidifier converts in vapour and releases in the air to maintain a certain humidity level.

Evaporative Humidifier

This is the most popular type of humidifier among the general people of Nigeria. This type of humidity consists of mainly three mechanical parts. They are the wick, reservoir and the fan. The reservoir have water stored in it which is heated by the wick and made to evaporate. The vapour thus produced is spread out in the room by the rotation of the fan.


It is a very simple device but very effective in the humidification of a room. It just heats water for vapour and releases it into the room. But this type of humidifier may be slightly more energy consuming.

Impeller Humidifier

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With a spinning disk continuously it has the capability to diffuse water into small droplets and increase the humidity level of the air. Although pretty effective it creates noise pollution which may not be pleasant for the user.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

It consists of a diaphragm which can vibrate at ultrasonic frequency which converts the water into vary small droplets which is spread out in the room with the help of a fan for humidification.

Other types of humidifier that has come to use are forced air humidifier, spray mist, drum etc.

Things to consider while using a Humidifier

  • The tank of the humidifier should be kept cleaned. The water in the reservoir or mold should be changed every day to prevent germs spreading in the room.
  • Only clean water which does not consists of any impurities should be used in the humidifier.
  • The region near the dehumidifier should always be kept dry.