Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

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Vacker Nigeria is a leading industry in Nigeria providing excellent solutions to their client problems by providing modern tools and equipment. It generally provides services in the cities of Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan and Kano, etc. it specializes in producing measuring instruments such as Thermal Imaging Camera , Data Logger, Bluetooth Data Logger , Temperature Data Logger, etc. One of its key products that it provides to its clients is the Infrared Camera also known as Thermal Imaging Camera.

Thermal Imaging Camera or Infrared Camera:

Unlike a common camera that uses visible light for image formation, an infrared camera is a unique device which uses radiation of infrared from the object for the formation of images of the object. Its operating range is 14000nm wavelength instead of the standard 400-700nm range.

Short history of the Thermal Imaging Camera:

Sir William Herschel noticed a radiation beyond red light which he later named the infrared. These infrared rays found usage in thermal measurement. Later, Kalman Tihanyi developed infrared-sensitive electronic television camera which became the base of the modern Thermal Imaging Camera.

Types of Infrared Cameras/Thermal Imaging Cameras:

On the basis of detector, this type of camera is mainly divided into two categories:

  • Cooled Infrared Detector: In this type of camera, the detectors need to be cooled for their proper operation. Failing to do so results in a dysfunctional system. It is generally very expensive to manufacture and operate.
  • Uncooled Infrared Detector: These type of cameras can easily perform in the normal environment temperature and do not need cooling. These are cheaper to produce and operate than the Cooled Infrared Detector.

Usage of the Thermal Imaging Camera:

Thermal Imaging Camera has been useful in various sectors and it has changed the sector drastically in the way they carry out their work. It has a special place in the security sector.

Electrical PDM:

It may be the biggest usage of Thermal Imaging Camera. This type of camera helps us to observe generation of electricity and its distribution. We can easily scan all types of electrical circuits and find out the problem in connection if any.


This type of camera is also used in the surveillance purpose especially at night. It enables a person to observe every movement of the targeted object or person even when our naked eyes can virtually see nothing. It has helped a great deal especially to the police department, national security department or any other security branches.

Searching and rescuing:

Thermal Imaging Camera has been a boon for searching and rescuing effort. It’s absolutely perfect for a search or rescue mission at night. It helps us to find people or animals who are stuck in snow in Himalayas or who are lost in a jungle. It also helps in detecting approaching enemy or wild animals towards us. This technology has enabled us save millions of lives.


This system is helpful in the fire-fighting sector too. It helps in detecting even the slightest temperature anomalies in a system and helps in fighting fire or even prevent it. This type of camera can be used in airplanes, helicopters, etc. to detect any kind of problem related to fire. Fire fighters also use it to view through a smoky environment.

In Automobile:

The Thermal Imaging Camera is also used in sophisticated automobiles. It helps the driver in having a better vision.

It has other uses such as in monitoring some physiological activities in the human body and studying stars in astronomy. It also find its application in detecting oc moisture in the walls, introspection of roof, etc.