USB Data Logger

USB has been a revolutionary device in the field of data storage. Once data used to be carried in papers and big bulk of files and its storage used to be very inconvenient. Such problems can easily be solved by the use of our company Vacker Nigeria’s USB data logger. We provide our products not only in the capital city Abuja but other cities such as Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

It has a handy small size and could fit in the palm of a hand. The data stored is non- volatile in nature and the data can easily be retrieved by joining it in the computer’s USB port. There are different types of USB data loggers such as USB temperature data logger, USB humidity data logger, USB air pressure data logger. Our company specially sells USB temperature data loggers.

USB temperature data loggers have temperature sensors in them that can continuously monitor the data and record it. This product has huge advantage in the medicine storage. It helps to analyze the temperature of the location where the medicine is to be stored. This data is key in ensuring the quality maintenance of the medicines to be stored. It also helps in providing a good environment during the shipment of the product. It finds its huge application in food producing industries and biological science.

We provide our clients with different kinds of data loggers according to their requirement. Generally they can be categorized in two divisions namely, Single-use USB Data Logger which is more commonly known as the Disposable Data Logger, and Multi-use Data Logger. The Multi-use Data Logger is used to collect a certain data which can later be downloaded in the computer and again can be used to record the next set of data. The single-use USB data or disposable data is used to collect data only once because it cannot be reused and hence after retrieving data, it is disposed. Our company provides various models of USB data loggers in the market, as listed below:

Single-use USB Data Logger Model without PDF Display

Without the use of any special software it records the data which is retrieved by the computer when it is connected to the computer. It has the memory storage for more than 7000 readings with flexible programming hence the number of days to be programmed can be determined by the consumer. It can display its report only in the PDF, excel and text format. It possesses 5 LEDs to alert the user to indicate the user of various thermal condition. Vacker Nigeria supplies two models of this type in Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, etc.

Disposable USB Temperature Data Logger Model USB PDF (LCD Display)

While it has very much similarities to the previous model discussed, the main difference is it comes with an LCD display. It is a more advanced model and has many special added features. It can simultaneously display the temperature reading and also show the highest and lowest temperature reading. It alerts its user by showing the time period of highest and lowest reading. It also has two models available in the market.

Multiple-use USB Temperature Data Logger

These data loggers can be used multiple times and have an LCD display to show its records. It is more advanced, can monitor more temperature records and has bigger size than the previous models discussed. This model can record the temperature readings precisely but cannot measure the humidity.

Multiple-use USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with LCD Display

Having quite the same features as the previous model discussed, its additional feature is that it can take readings of not only temperature but also humidity. Hence it is more informational than the previous models.