Pressure Sensors

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There are different environmental factors that can affect out comfort and productivity as well as the productivity of a certain system. One of the factors that has such effect is pressure. Hence it becomes very necessary for us to measure the pressure of a plant or environment. Generally, there are different types of pressure sensors used for pressure measurement according to the requirement. For example, gauge pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor, negative pressure sensor, etc.

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What is Pressure and Pressure Sensor?

Pressure is the amount of force exerted per unit area. The SI unit of pressure is Pascal (pa). A pressure sensor is specially designed equipment that is capable of measuring pressure especially of gases and liquids. Different types of pressure sensor are available in the market such as absolute pressure sensor, vacuum pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor and negative pressure sensor. In this article we specially discuss about differential and negative pressure sensor.

Differential Pressure Sensor

These types of pressure sensors are developed to measure the pressure difference between two points. The two sides of the pressure sensor is connected to the two points of which the pressure is to be measured. These pressure sensors exclusively find its application in measuring pressure drops in air filters or oil filters. These are also very useful in measuring fluid level and liquid flow rate in a system. On theory all the pressure sensors are kind of differential pressure sensor as all the pressure sensors basic working principles are same as the differential pressure sensors. For example a sealed pressure sensor measures pressure of a place relative to a fixed pressure which may vary according to the location or situation.

Negative Pressure Sensor

Negative pressure sensors are very commonly known as the vacuum pressure sensor. The term “vacuum pressure sensor” can be misleading as it does not measure the pressure of vacuum but rather it measures the pressure of a system that has lower pressure than the atmospheric pressure. It is capable of measuring and indicating the difference in the low pressure and atmospheric pressure. It also can measure the relative to absolute pressure. The absolute pressure can be defined as the pressure in a perfect vacuum.

Positive Pressure Sensor

If one side of the wall is at a negative pressure, the other side is obviously having positive pressure. Hence positive pressure sensors and negative pressure sensor are the same device only. It is only a technical term to call it as a positive pressure sensor. Certain kind of industries require pressure in excess of atmospheric pressure. In these cases, positive pressure is artificially created.

Pressure Sensors in Laboratories

The chemical reaction is highly affected by the ambient pressure. Since different chemical reactions are performed in laboratories pressure sensors are highly recommended for accurate measurement and readings. It is also helpful in studying vapor pressure and measuring chemical rates. Different kinds of pressure sensors such as absolute pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor etc. are used in laboratories for pressure measurement.

Pressure Sensor in Hospitals

There are different types of electronic based medical equipment medical equipment used in hospitals such as oxygen concentrators, blood pressure monitor, anesthesia delivery machines etc. These equipment contains different kinds of stimuli which needs to be converted into electrical signals which is done with the help of pressure sensors. These pressure sensors also help to monitor different vital signs and health factors of a patient. We provide reliable pressure sensor for hospitals that is capable of providing accurate diagnostic results. Our pressure sensors can easily be installed in sleep apnea machine, different dental equipment, ventilators, kidney dialysis insulin pumps etc. for the measurement of pressure.