Lab Equipment and Analyzers

///Lab Equipment and Analyzers

Any type of scientific, technical or mechanical work performed in a precise manner, so as to observe and investigate the result is called research work. Since the results thus obtained has to be compared and studied; it strictly needs to be reproducible. Such experiments need to be carried out in definite conditions, thus require specific work places called laboratories. All the apparatuses, tools, kits, utensils, machineries and devices associated with any research or experiments performed in the laboratories are known as lab equipment. Similarly any equipment used for the analysis of the results obtained or any other data received is called analyzer. Analyser is basically used for detailed study of the data, finding the relation and comparative studies. Vacker Nigeria is as authorized supplier of such lab equipment and analyzers in major cities of Nigeria like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan and Kano.

Lab equipment vary according to the field of study and the research being performed. For example, the equipment used in three basic fields of science, namely biology, physic and chemistry vastly differ from each other. Further, the more you go into specialization of particular topic from each field, the more you will have specific requirements of equipment and analysers.

As mentioned above, the lab equipment and analysers differ according to the experiment being performed. The basic requirements of the three fields of science can be listed as follows:

Biology laboratory:

  • Microscope is an optical instrument used for observation of minute living of non-living organisms.
  • Glass ware (test-tube, beakers, flasks, rods, measuring cylinders etc.) they are basically used for mixing, heading of storing substances.
  • Bunsen burner is used for heating purpose.
  • Centrifuges used for vigorously mixing or separating different components.
  • Pipettes are used for measuring small amount of liquid substances very precisely.
  • Thermometers are used for temperature readings.

These are only a very few small equipment to mention. Likewise biology labs may also contain comparatively big and more expensive equipment commonly known as laboratory instruments. For example: laminar hoods, refrigerators, freezers, spectro-photometer, thermal cyclers, incubators and many more.

Similarly some of the analysers used for both qualitative and quantitative study in biology labs are as follows:

  • Calorimeters are used for heat measurements of a reaction.
  • High performance liquid chromatography is used for the separation of the basic of mass along with other associated criteria.
  • Moisture Analysers used for the determination of the content of moisture.
  • pH meter is used to determine acidic or basic nature of the component.

Chemistry laboratory:

The equipment used in chemistry laboratories are somewhat similar to biology labs, apart from some specific ones.

  • Glass wares example: Watch glass, volumetric flask
  • Buret used for measurement and separations.
  • Spot plates use for microscale reactions.
  • Crucible is used for heating at a high level of temperature.
  • Evapourating dish is used for other simple evapouration processes.
  • Spatulla is used for transfering of components from one place to another.

Similarly there are a numerous types of analytical instruments that Vacker Nigeria supplies to its customers. Analytical instruments are detailed study of the results obtained through experiments by generally using the techniques for seperation of compounds and also characterisation and identification of matter of interest. Some of the equipment are also used for quantification purposes. Some of these instruments are mentioned below:

  • Chromatography used for separation of mixtures according to colour.
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to study absorption or emission of solid components.
  • Titration to determine equivalence point.
  • Electrophoresis used to study motion of particles in the presence of electric field.
  • Field flow fractionation is used for separation in the presence of field.

Physics Laboratory:

Physics experimental equipment are a bit different than the chemistry and biology experimental equipment as physics deal more with matters. Some of the instruments are as under:

  • Vernier calliper: used for precise measurements.
  • Micrometer screw gauge: is also used for measurements.
  • Meters: for measuring volts, amperes etc.
  • Resistance box: for study of electricel resistance.
  • Permanent Magnets: are used for creating patterns of magnetic field.
  • Compass: used for determining derictions usually for magnetic fields during experiments
  • Tuning forks: is used to generate waves.
  • Rheostat: it is also used to study electric resistances.

Some examples of the instruments used for analytical study in physic are as follows:

  • Wave motion apparatus it is used to study characteristic features of waves.
  • Travelling microscope is used for the study of light; its refraction and deviation.
  • Dynamo and motors it is commonly used for conversions between mechanical and electrical powers.

These are only few of the basic laboratory equipment used in our labs to perform general science research and experiments, found in school, colleges and research laboratories. However if we go into more specific and professional field of experiments, we will come across a vast variety of small to huge mechanical or electrical instruments some of which are also fully automated.

No matter how small or huge, how basic or specific might a lab equipment be, the proper working procedure, its handling and safety must always be given the highest priority.

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