Humidity is a vital abiotic factor of environment. Humidity is related to the day to day comfort of human life as well as animals. The humidity of a location is measured by the use of hygrometer. Our company Vacker Nigeria provides its client with digital hygrometer for the instant and accurate measurement of humidity. Its product can be purchased in different cities of Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

For the measurement of humidity hygrometer depends on many other abiotic factors of environment such as temperature, pressure etc. The hygrometer has had leaps and bounds in the field of its manufacture. Some of the traditional hygrometer that were used and are being used are metal paper coil hygrometer, hair tension hygrometer, psychrometers (wet and dry bulb thermometer), sling psychrometer, chilled mirror dew point hygrometers. But nowadays digital hygrometer is in more demand than other hygrometer because of its quick response time and more accurate readings. Some modern types of hygrometer capacitive, resistive, thermal and gravimetric. While in some places classical hygrometers are still used modern hygrometer has taken over in the field of measurement of humidity.

Application of Hygrometer

It has a huge application in greenhouse firms. The humidity in the green house should be constantly monitored for the best possible production of the plants. Also humidity can effect a worker’s productivity hence the humidity need to be constantly monitored in the industries too. Hence Vacker Nigeria’s digital hygrometer is very effective in these fields. In residence it helps to maintain proper humidity by collaborating with the air conditioning system. Too much humidity may result in the growth of mites while too much low humidity may have inverse effect on the human body. It is also useful in preserving wooden musical instruments such as piano, guitars, harmonium etc. it is also required in coating and painting process.

Digital Hygrometer

When the amount of moisture is low than it is considered to be less humid when the moisture is high then the humidity is said to be low. A general term used in measurement of humidity is relative humidity which is indicated by RH. RH is the amount of water vapor in air with relation to the amount of air hence it is always expressed in percentage. Another term is absolute humidity which is the exact amount of moisture in the air. Our digital hygrometer can measure both absolute humidity and relative humidity as per the requirement of the user. Our digital hygrometer can display its readings in the digital screen which is very easy to read for the user. It is small in size and very light to carry unlike the traditional hygrometer which was heavier and impractical to transfer from one place to another.

Some of our models that we provide to our customers are discussed below:

1) Thermometer Hygrometer BZ05

It has the capability to measure relative humidity of 10% to 90%. It is powered by 1.5V AAA battery and contains screen which autonomously can display maximum and minimum relative humidity reading. It also has an in-built thermometer that can measure temperature from 0 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. If required the device is resettable for another set of use.

2) Thermo Hygrometer Model T210

It consists of special software for the data management. It has a greater ability to measure and record the temperature which ranges from -20 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. It is operated with the help of a touch screen which makes it look more stylish and easy to use. Its LCD screen is resistive to dust scratch and water and hence is more sustainable.