Portable Dehumidifier for home and office

////Portable Dehumidifier for home and office

Our company Vacker Nigeria is well known among the public of Nigeria. One of its key product by which Nigerian people are benefiting is the portable dehumidifier for homes and offices. Our portable dehumidifier can be bought from the different stores which are available in different cities of Nigeria such as Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Aba, etc. These portable dehumidifier are very light in weight and have a very attractive outlook.

Effects of humidity in homes and offices

Best Portable Dehumidifier TTK68E VackerGlobal

When the humidity is excessive in the air people start to have constant feelings of dampness and stickiness. They start to feel excessively warm and may have irritation in their skin. The productivity of an office worker may drop drastically due to the humid condition in the workplace. Children may feel very uncomfortable and infants may find it difficult to get sleep in such humid condition due to which infants may seem to cry without reason. There may be mold formation on the corners of the room and on the walls. It makes the room of office or home look really filthy and dull. Some people can suffer through allergy due to the presence of such molds in the room. Different expensive wooden and metal items tend to get damaged due to the mold formation. The glass in the windows of the room always remains misty due to thePortable Dehumidifier Air Filter VackerGlobal condensation of moisture which results in blockage of the view outside. All the leather items such as shoes, jacket etc. will be affected due to the formation of fungus on them. A kind of white powder forms on suits and other velvet items due to high humidity. It also can cause respiratory problems and on many occasions causes asthma. Generally environment having relative humidity more than 65% is considered unsafe for an average human being.

Hence we should consider installing a dehumidifier if such types of effects are seen in our homes and offices before it’s too late. Although there are different types of dehumidifier found in the market the best type of dehumidifier to be used in homes and offices are the portable dehumidifiers as they cover less space in the office or Home Air Dehumidification System VackerGlobalroom. Another advantage is that it can easily be transferred from one room to another or one location to another. It is also energy convenient and the noise it produces during its functioning is quite negligible. Since our models are provided with the automatic restart features users don’t need to bother restarting the dehumidifier every time there is restoring of power after a power cut. We provide models with excellent water drainage system so that the user can feel comfortable using the system. They also come with auto defrosting system which helps them in smooth operation. The filter can easily be removed for the cleaning. Our small portable humidifiers are capable working in wide range of temperature making it useful in various location having various climate.

Model TTK 40E

Small Portable Dehumidification Control Panel VackerGlobal

This can be said one of the best dehumidifier available in the market for homes and offices. It draws in the moisture in the air and cools it down to such temperature that the water condenses. The condensed water is stored in its tank which can be taken out manually. Also if required a drain pipe can be fitted in the system so the user don’t have to bother emptying the tank from time to time. Generally this system works in the temperature from 5 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. It is capable of dehumidifying twenty litres of water from the air in a day. This system needs electric circuit having 230 volt of AC and 50HZ of frequency. This system works for the environment that has relative humidity ranging from 30% to 80%.

Whole house Dehumidifier

Whole House Dehumidifier VackerGlobal

Sometimes dehumidification is required not only for a room but for the whole house. In such case it is better to use a whole house humidifier as it is capable of dehumidifying a whole house or a villa.