Humidity Data Logger

The amount of moisture in the air is known as humidity. Since humidity is a key abiotic factor of our environment it becomes important for us to measure and monitor the humidity of a setting. Humidity data logger is a useful device for such purpose. The humidity data logger of our company Vacker Nigeria comes with a stylish design with a built in sensor. You can find our humidity data logger in the cities of Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

Humidity is related to our daily life comfort. It becomes very uncomfortable for a person when the humidity level is too high. The higher the humidity the warmer we feel. Hence humidity can be related to a worker’s productivity in a working place. Humidity also plays a vital role in determining the overall climatic condition of a region. Before setting up home or industries in a place it’s better to consider the humidity pattern of the place. Humidity data logger finds its application especially in the health care logistics. Our company Vacker Nigeria provides its customer with a wide range of temperature and humidity data logger with different range of memory. Some are equipped with outer sensor and some have inner sensor in them. Our some very popular models are as follows:

iMini Series Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

This model comes in very reasonable market price with a high quality, hence is one of our most popular models. This model may come solely with temperature data logger or both humidity and temperature data logger. It also have internal or external temperature sensor but only have internal humidity sensor. It has memory range that can record readings from 16000 to 128000. Its sensors detect temperature ranging from -40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius. It has four visual alarms with two each on higher and lower side which are indicated with light-emitting diode of various color. One thing to consider while using it in a freezer is to use a glycol bottle for more accurate readings. The users also can get warranty of 2 years while purchasing the product. This iMini series has two models in the market. They are:

1) MH-HE-S-16-L

It has digital and NTC sensors with memory capability that can take readings from 16000 to 128000. It has both internal and external temperature sensor one each and one internal humidity sensor. Hence it is a multipurpose model that can be used for both temperature data logging and humidity data logging.

2) MX-HE-S-16-L

It too is a multi-tasking model with two digital sensors temperature sensor and humidity sensor which are built-in internally. Its memory capability is also same as its counterpart model MH-HE-S-16-L.

iLog Series Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

This series of data logger is more advanced model with better technology. It is more accurate and is useful especially in the environmental research. It can measure vast range of temperature with both visible and audible alarm system. It can even sense the difference in temperature as low as 0.35 degree Celsius. It also has LCD display with memory capacity that can hold as much as 32000. It’s model no. EL-HS-D-32-L is in a very high demand in market.

1) Model no. EL-HS-D-32-L

Its display can operate in temperature varying from -20 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius. It has two internally set sensors for monitoring both temperature and humidity. It can sense vast range of temperature from -40 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius. It has a precise measuring system and is very reliable. Due to its multi-purpose it is getting very popular among the user.