Industrial automation

///Industrial automation

Vacker Nigeria supplies Automation Solutions for industrial purposes. The industries where we supply industrial automation system are: cement plants, large glass factories, packaging solutions etc that involve a series of processes connected to each other. These processes need to be controlled, one or all at a time, without hampering other processes. In general, such solutions are covered under the Industrial and Process Automations. As a company that excels in industrial automation, Vacker Nigeria provides services of process automation, PLC automation and programming solutions to some of the major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

Process and Industrial Automations

There has an abrupt advancement in the machineries as well. These days the machineries are getting more automated rather than being operated with human intervention. Machineries have the capacity of carrying out activities depending upon the way they have been created and they carry out functions automatically rather than manually with the usage of multiple sensors. Motion Sensors detect motion, Presence Sensors detect the presence of an object and Gas Sensors detect gas. Various groups of sensors monitor certain parameters, as per the requirement, with the provision of output signals that can be further processed with the use of PLC also known as Programmable Logic Controllers. PLC will give you a set of commands which is based on what input you provide it.

Industrial automation solutions

Vacker Nigeria provides various Industrial Automation Solutions to its clientele. In this prospect, we provided services to various industries which are briefed as under so that you can make out on what potentiality we behold for you:

  • Automation in heating system temperature control. The temperature of the heating system and the material intake is suitably automated for the conservation of energy.
  • Automation of warehouse shutters. The warehouses may consist of a number of shutters and doors. If you operate more than one door at a time then the temperature that you want to maintain can become a tough task. Therefore such shutters and doors are operated automatically through wireless sensors.
  • Monitoring of pressure of tools in CNC machines. The machine tools on the CNC machine, in the past used to have wear and tear issues due to uneven surface of the steel sheets those were fed to the CNC machine. Regular monitoring on this issue and timely changing the sheets will help to mitigate such problems.

Vacker Nigeria has been successful to establish itself as an accomplished company that provides industrial automation solutions of high quality to its clientele mainly in the major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, PORT HARCOURT, Aba, IBADAN, Kano. Majority of the solutions that we provide to our customers include: PLC automation with PLC programming which can be used for different brands like: Beckhoff, SIEMENS, Allen Bradley, Rockwell etc.

Instances of Process automation solutions

Vacker Nigeria as a provider of Process Automation solution has an implementation on some chief installations for a variety of industries. Some of them are listed hereunder:

  • Automation in cement plants where different processes on handling the materials can be automated ending it up with loading the products on to the loading vehicles for transportation.
  • Automation in the packaging of ghee for the synchronization of the flow of ghee along with the packaging machine.
  • Automation in the handling of material of ready to mix cement plants so that the loading of cement on the loading vehicle is done with precision with the application of PLC automation.
  • Automation at gates for the container handling terminals for marking access with the application of PLC Automation solutions.