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Vacker Nigeria also supplies presence sensors to its major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, etc. We supply these sensors especially to the industrial and residential areas in order to conserve energy. Various manufacturers have various models of these sensors to offer. Some sensors are wall mounted; some are ceiling mounted and many more. Presence sensors are most of the times confused with the Motion Sensors. But we should know that these have distinct operating principles. These sensors make an integral part of our home automation system and can be operated via dedicated modus operandi as: Modbus, KNX, Lonworks etc.

Operating principle of the Presence Sensors, Occupancy sensors and Presence detectors

Well, if you need to monitor the presence of human life in any particular area then you ought to install a presence sensor so that you can easily monitor the presence of beings. Alternatively, you can use this word 'occupancy sensors' in place of 'presence sensors' which also practically means the same. These sensors are used to monitor whether or not there is a presence of someone in the designated area where you wish to monitor. Vacker Nigeria will supply you with both indoor and outdoor models of such sensors and each sensor may have a varying access protection levels. You may choose models in respect to your urgency. In the installed areas, if any presence is noticed by the sensors then these sensors generate switching actions of electric circuits. Presence sensors which are also known as occupancy sensors can also be known well as presence detectors. You should not get confused if you find these words being interchangeably used.

Functionality of presence sensor based products

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Unlike motion sensors, presence sensors can only sense presence but not the movement of anything. The presence may be of whether human beings or any other living beings in the area where you need to monitor the presence. Irrespective of any movements, these sensors will notice presence of any living being in the area. It works on the principle that living bodies generate temperature from their own bodies. Such heat is sensed by the receptors in the presence sensor even if the body is in a stationary position. The presence is then displayed in the display screen. As long as the presence of some living being is detected by the sensors, it will remain on and the associated circuit will automatically switch off once the presence is not longer detected in the area.

Passive Infrared sensors (PIR sensors)

Of all the presence sensors that Vacker Nigeria has to offer, passive infrared sensors (also known as the PIR sensors) are the most generally used presence sensors. These sensors are called so because they don’t generate any infrared rays. In its place, it detects the heat transmitted by the living bodies. Though these sensors are commonly used for sensing presence of human beings, are also used for sensing presence of other living beings such as cats, dogs, birds, goats etc. But we should know that these sensors don’t have the ability to distinguish between them. But these days, PIR Sensors are combined with other sensing technologies like: ultrasonic sensors, for high precision level. That will help you to detect both presence and motion at the same time.

Differences between Presence Sensors and Motion Sensors

On a separate page, we have discussed about the Motion Sensor and its functionality. So you know that if the motion sensors are installed in the corridor of your residence or office then any movement, if noticed, shall be notified to the user. The sensor will be activated and so will the lights associated with it. If the person, whose motion was sensed in the corridor, stops for a while without making any movement then the motion sensors will turn off after a certain time delay. However, if it was additionally supplemented with presence sensors then it can sense the presence of the same person in the corridor even if there is no movement. The electric circuit will not turn off and the objective might be met for which these applications are installed.