Internet of things (IoT)

///Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a network of computer or things interlinked with connectivity so that the data can be shared without manual intervention. It is a set of computer or other digital devices that are interlinked for sending data through a defined network assigned to it. Hence the IoT permits things to be controlled distantly through and across the same designated network connection. “Things” in the IoT refers to a wide range of entities such as: Heart monitor implant, animals with microchips for tracking locations, and any other devices that are IP encrypted. Vacker Nigeria provides facilities for the provision of IoT in major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

According to a recent research by ABI Research which says by 2020 AD nearly 30 Billion devices will be connected wirelessly to internet of things. Thus it can be assumed that IoT has explicit benefits which include automatic collection and prompt transfer of data within the interlinked devices. Vacker Nigeria makes these benefits possible and further makes it probable in tracking important data so that optimum efficiency is reached amidst different settings.

Internet of Things for Home

These days we have smart homes that offer high level of security in addition to many other positive attributes which has been made possible with the application of IOT for homes. Automation in IOT which is compatible to mobile devices is one of its prime benefits. Thus the owner of the home can operate the functionality of basic tasks like: operating the lights, fans etc with the help of a smart phone and without moving here and there and applying too much of input.

Apart from all the big and small benefits of Internet of Things for home, it surely can facilitate in saving potential energy. You can enjoy the automation in climatic control option so that it uses energy accordingly in order to saves a lot of electricity. Even from a far distance you can enjoy the option of maintaining the desired temperature at your home and once you reach your home you can enjoy the luxury of the desired temperature.

Similarly, you can ease your body with the application of very little effort in locking your house and operating lights. You can always confuse the trespassers with the operation of light at home even when you are relaxing and enjoying your vacation on a distant land. It is such a relief when you can wirelessly know whether or not you have locked the doors properly. Vacker Nigeria gives you the opportunity to enjoy such relaxations.

Apart from its safety and energy saving attributes, IOT has other ease to offer as well. You can directly charge your smart appliances from another room without the hassle of finding your charging cables and adaptors. These days you can also find a handy smart toothbrush that are able to record the duration of your brushing history.

Internet of Things for Industries

IOT has given a more competitive edge to the industries, lately. It has provided further advancement to industries by setting them to create new services, increase production and facilitate in coming up with solutions for general issues faced by the industries (Industrial Automation). IOT for industries has covered a wide range of scope today and the areas include automotive sector, health sector, retailing and manufacturing facilities.

In the automotive sector, through the introduction of “connected cars”, IOT has given customers a digital experience. These vehicles are enabled with 4G which allows the smart phone to be connected to the car. Hopefully, one day not just the mobile but one car can be connected to another car as well and the technology is expected to soar beyond our thoughts.

It has an equally useful role to play in the healthcare sectors. It facilitates monitoring remote patients thus helping in leading a healthy life in remote areas. You can simply monitor the behavior of an elderly citizen by making him wear an ultrasound sensory device.

With the introduction of IOT by Vacker Nigeria in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan, Kano, the retail sector along with the manufacturing sector too have been immensely benefited. It can be used as a tool for the analysis of sales, stay connected with the supply chain in order to prevent the shortage of stock, and the surveillance of the stores and the manufacturing industries. This can help in customer satisfaction in the stores and maximization of production in the manufacturing industry.