Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

There are lots of swimming pools in our hot country like Nigeria. Generally the swimming pools have high humidity around its surrounding. Hence there is always a requirement of dehumidifier for the swimming pool. Our company Vacker Nigeria supplies its customer with an easy to use dehumidifier specially made for swimming pool only. These swimming pool dehumidifier can be bought from different stores in different cities of Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Aba, etc.

What is a Swimming Pool Dehumidifier?

Generally the surrounding around a swimming pool is always humid because of the continuous vaporizing of water from the pool. According to various data collected the relative humidity of a swimming pool generally remains 75 percent to 90 percent. This much high humidity can cause irritation and discomforted to the people sitting beside the swimming pool. Swimming pool dehumidifiers are generally condensation dehumidifiers that are specially designed to dehumidify the surrounding of a swimming pool. The swimming pool dehumidifier pumps in the vapor from the air and condenses it to water drops. The water condensed is drained out by the system.

Effects of high humidity around a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Chart VackerGlobal
  • Mold formation in the nearby walls around the swimming pool increases. This may make the surrounding look dirty and unattractive.
  • Expensive electronic equipment may be affected or damaged due to high humidity around the swimming pool.
  • Paints help prevent the mold to develop around the wall of the swimming pool. High humidity causes the corrosion of the paints in the wall due to which mold start to develop in the swimming pool due to which people may find it uncomfortable to swim in the pool.
  • Different types of painting which are nearby the swimming pool are affected adversely due to high humidity.
  • People staying around the swimming pool may feel very uncomfortable due to high humidity. Also it causes burning of skin and irritation and itching to a person.

Types of Dehumidifiers

There are two types of dehumidifiers we provide to our clients based on the type of installation. They are known as ducted swimming pool dehumidifier and non-ducted swimming pool dehumidifier.

Ducted Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier is generally used to dehumidify a large area around the swimming pool. These systems possess fabricated duct system which is helpful in air circulation that is required in the large area of swimming pool. It has higher capacity of dehumidification than the non-ducted dehumidifier.

Non-ducted Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Rear Installation VackerGlobal

These non-ducted swimming pool dehumidifier are generally useful for the dehumidification of a small swimming pool area. These swimming pool dehumidifier does not consist of any duct system. These dehumidifier requires less energy for the operation than the ducted swimming pool dehumidifier hence it saves energy and money. A simple pipe is use to drain out the water condensed by the system.

We got different models of swimming pool dehumidifier for our customers. The most popular one among the customer is our pool humidifier model DS 51. It comes with a good design and pretty reasonable price. It is a very powerful swimming pool dehumidifier but consumes very less amount of energy. Hence not only it dehumidifies the pool area effectively but also saves both energy and money. Its maximum power consumption capacity is 0.98 Kw. It can work in various range of humidity. Generally the lowest relative humidity in which it can work is 30% and the highest relative humidity it can work is 80%. The lowest temperature it can operate smoothly is 15 degree Celsius and the highest temperature is 35 degree Celsius. It needs to be connected to the circuit which have 230 volt alternate current.

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