Gas sensors

Human life is dependent on air. We breathe in oxygen and rely on various gases for survival. The air around us contains both toxin and non-toxic gases. Some gases are malign while some are benign. We should know what constitutes the air around us and Vacker Nigeria will help you find the answer for that. Vacker Nigeria supplies Gas Sensors that help you detect different atmospheric gases. Apart from gases, the chemical sensors measure the chemical contents of the gas. We use various technologies in order to analyze the contents of the gas.

Vacker Nigeria supplies different gas sensors such as: Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor, Oxygen (O2) sensor, Hydrogen (H) sensor, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) sensor, Gas leakage sensor, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Ozone (O3) sensor, Natural Gas (CNG) sensor, and many more sensors to some of its cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, PORT HARCOURT, Aba, IBADAN, Kano.

We supply various handy gas sensors as per your need. As we know Nigeria is getting industrialized lately especially its major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, PORT HARCOURT, Aba, IBADAN, Kano. Personnel need to portable gas sensors in the industrial environment as the criticality level may be high and eventually hazardous. Therefore portable gas sensors are gaining popularity.

Carbon monoxide detector (CO sensor):

Gas Sensor Vacker Nigeria

Vacker Nigeria supplies carbon monoxide (CO) sensors that come with alarms and external contacts and are the most commonly used sensors. CO is not considered benign for human health. Therefore it is a normal practice to detect the level of CO in the air around human accessible areas. This practice is even more common in industrial environments because CO gas is produced even by commonly used equipments like: vehicles, generators etc. Being malignant to human health it is considered vital to check the level of CO gas in air where there is human occupancy. Hence CO sensors come with alarms to notify the occupants if the level of CO in that area gets above the critical level.

CO sensor continuously checks the CO level in the atmosphere around us, the result of which is showed on a display screen and the same is maintained as a log too. These sensors have the provision of NO/NC contacts that may be connected with external alarms and other automation systems too. In cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, PORT HARCOURT, Aba, IBADAN, Kano; CO sensors are best fit for underground parking.

Oxygen Sensor (O2 sensor):

Oxygen sensors or O2 sensors are used to monitor the oxygen level in the atmosphere around us. For a normal human life the level of oxygen needs to be normal but not everywhere there is normal oxygen level. O2 sensors help you identify the healthy level hence also known as oxygen quality indicator. The oxygen level is measured in total percentage in the air or parts per million (ppm).

In equipments such as vehicles, generators etc where good combustion cycle is considered essential, oxygen sensors help to check the quality of oxygen intake for smooth combustion. It is also vital to check the quality of exhausted oxygen from these equipments in order to control air pollution.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 sensor):

Carbon dioxide sensors or CO2 Sensors are another most commonly used sensors. These sensors check the level of CO2 in the air as high level of which is also not considered good. These sensors can produce both analog and digital signals that are displayed, controlled, automated with the application of attested Automation Systems.

Air Quality Monitors are those instruments that are a combination of all these three sensors (CO Sensor, O2 Sensor and CO2 Sensor).

Other types of Gas sensors:

Toxic gas sensor:

There are various gases in the atmosphere which are considered toxic for human health and toxic gas sensors are those used to check the level of toxic gases around us. Some of the commonly used toxic gas sensors are: Methane Sensor (CH4 Sensor), Nitrogen Sensor (NO2 Sensor), Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor (H2S Sensor) etc.

MQ sensor:

Vacker Nigeria supplies MQ sensors that are technologies based on gas sensor. We have a variety of series to offer like: MQ-2, MQ-3 etc. It works on the principle that the output current and the resistance vary which depends on detected gas on the environment giving us the exact reading of the gas that is being measured.