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///Building Automation

Where there is a space, there are parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and many more. In various places such parameters need to be checked and controlled for a healthier way of living. Places may include commercial sites, residential areas, industrial buildings etc. Such automation brings comfort and convenience to the users but apart from that it is considered vital to monitor critical parameters.

Vacker Nigeria helps you achieve these points with the help of a building management system popularly known as Building Automation System. These systems can be easily connected wirelessly internet thus helping the user to monitor and evaluate it even from a remote location. If you wish to centrally monitor different building situated in different locations then it can be done too.

Major parameters in a Building Management System that need to be monitored:

Building Automation System Vacker Nigeria

Most common parameters being monitored presently are listed in the decreasing sequence of criticality:

  • Monitoring of Fire and Smoke Alarm.
  • Monitoring of leakage of gas - Gas Sensors
  • Monitoring of access control system.
  • Monitoring of surveillance system.
  • Monitoring of heating and cooling systems.
  • Monitoring the level of water in the tanks.
  • Monitoring of temperature in critical rooms.
  • Monitoring of humidity in critical rooms.
  • Monitoring of internal and external levels of light.
  • Monitoring of presence and motion of people with the use of presence and motion sensors respectively - Motion Sensors and Presence Sensors

These are only a few parameters listed here but there are more parameters that can be monitored with the application of respective sensors. Vacker Nigeria supplies many other sensors too as per the requirement of the customers mostly in major cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, PORT HARCOURT, Aba, IBADAN, Kano.

Building Management System Protocol

A protocol is a basic set of rules and general practice of communication language that are used by the components of the same system for transmitting digital signals amidst the components and also to the central processor. These building management system protocols are incorporated with thousands of components and these components communicate with each other. BACnet, Modbud, Lonworks, KNX etc are some of the well known protocols. The components of the protocol depend on the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers in Nigeria that supply these protocols. If you need to add different systems on the later stage, then components of the same protocol must be used. But interface components can use components from different components even on the later stages. Of all the protocols used, KNX is an open protocol. Various manufacturers can develop new components for this protocol.

Building Automation Systems for Residence:

Building automation system for houses, villas and apartments are also known as home automation systems. These are small scale management systems. To make your life more stylish and more comfortable Vacker Nigeria supplies these automation systems for your homes. Some of the basic practices where these automation systems can be used are as under:

  • You can set protocols for your curtains so that they can adjust automatically in accordance with the position of the sunlight so that those rays cannot directly fall into your room.
  • Automation in the home theaters where the movies can be paused automatically whenever a phone rings and reduce the volume of the movie too, as per the need of the user.
  • You can automatically set the lighting system of the rooms based on the outside natural lights.
  • You can operate the air conditioner system simply by sending an SMS to the system or you alternatively you can use other mobile applications from a remote location. You can adjust the temperature of your residence even before reaching home.
  • On a more advanced note, you can operate the functionality of the appliances at your home such as: lights, air conditioners etc through a voice command.