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///Building Information Modelling BIM

Since prehistoric time, human civilization has been making their cribs. The advancement has been from caves to modern sophisticated buildings. Humans have been building infrastructures and finding ways to make their living more comfortable. If you are looking to make your home comfortable then Vacker Nigeria is right here to make this wish of yours come true.

Lately, advancement in the computer software applications has gained speed in the field of building structures. On top of all applications, one thing that has been making the world of building construction more lucrative is the Building Information Modeling or commonly known as BIM and has already gain popularity in some cities of Nigeria like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, etc.

What is BIM?

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BIM can be expanded as Building Information Modeling Building or Building Information Management in other words. It is a model based process with intelligence that is used to plan, design, construct and finally manage different building or any other infrastructures. BIM helps you to generate digital models which contain real physical or functional features of the planned building. It is best useful for those like: Architects, government or business agencies, who undertake projects of planning and construction infrastructures.

Vacker Nigeria helps you build diverse and complicated projects like: waste water management, gas plants, electric plants etc. we also provide services for commercial purpose. The designing team generates a digital model with the BIM software and it is passed on to the construction and maintenance team. There will be very less chance of error as they will work on the same page. Further, same information is passed on to the contractors and the sub-contractors too.

BIM only gained popularity around 2002 though it came into being since the 1970s. It gained popularity when some software developers got involved in this field and thus it became common in digital world of designing and construction.

Building Information Model

Building Information Modeling Vacker Nigeria

Significances of Building Information Modeling

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The file of BIM is more advanced than any other ordinary 2D or 3D models of construction. With the application of data available, its intelligence and geometry, it can coordinate changes and can display them as well. The changes can be viewed by all working in different levels and can collectively reach and update those changes and thus can analyze the impact of such changes.

The process of making decision can be enhanced with the application of this software. All the workers that are working on the same project can collectively access, coordinate and work as a team. This reduces the chances of error that arise due to miscommunication which can directly be cost effective as well as the same task need not be repeated twice. This further provides an extra grip to the project with the reduction in requests for information. This all saves time, money and effort thus the morale of the employee will rise.

Scope of BIM

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In the various aspects of planning, designing and constructing, the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be used. BIM is extremely useful in Building Automation. Some of them are:

  • Construction Scheduling - Entire construction is planned in the digital model. Any potential problem or error can be identified beforehand.
  • Site Utilization Planning - We can plan how to utilize the site and how to manage the space available even for the construction vehicles.
  • Energy Efficiency - It helps you to get maximum output with minimum of input from pre to post project.
  • Cost Estimation - It helps you calculate the actual cost associated with it.
  • Maintenance Planning - It ensures that all the data is available all the time for maintenance even after commissioning.
  • Decommissioning - The data since the inception is made available which can be used at the stage of decommissioning.

Modern Trends in BIM

Following are the modern trends in BIM:

  • Advanced visual with higher productivity since the recovery of information is made easier.
  • Absolute documentation sharing amidst everyone involved in the project.
  • Incorporation of details of vendors, materials, quantities, site etc so that communication is made easier and problems can be solved quicker.
  • Fast function.
  • Cost effective on longer run.
  • Focuses on green building designs (namely Green Building XML). It creates file that saves time and effort along with planning of energy. This benefits the building even after construction.

BIM is transforming the face of construction and architecture. It is a growing technology and innovation is being added to its profile which in return is enhancing the beauty of planning, designing and constructing. It is changing the way people look at projects and they have already changed their perceptions for this. Initially, they might take it as a big investment until they find out the positive sides of it. BIM is considered the future of the construction industry.