In modern world of science and technology, there are many devices that rely on electricity for operation. Today we live in a generation where electricity is considered to be a staple source of energy. But unfortunately there are shortcomings for the devices that depend on electricity to fully function. The name of the shortcoming being power failure and the name of the remedy is known as Generator. Vacker Nigeria supplies with a variety in models of generators that suits your needs. In general terms, a generator is a machine that translates mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators are compatible for producing electrical energy that can be used by any electrical equipment.

Generators use the principle of magnetic induction for the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. Voltage is generated in the conductor of the generator which depends on:

  • Strength of magnetic field.
  • Angle at which the magnetic field has been cut.
  • Motion speed of the conductor.
  • Size of the conductor.

Vacker Nigeria supplies general generators with combustion engine as a source of mechanical energy. But if you need to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy then you will need to use electric motors. Generators and electric motors share the basic working principles in common and electric motors can be converted to generators. There are various components that constitute a whole generator. Of which, dynamo is considered as the heart of this device. The dynamo generates direct current with the use of a commutator. Rotors and stators complete a generator. The rotating parts of the electrical machine are called the rotors while the stationary parts are known as stators.

Vacker Nigeria is the leading supplier of solutions in connection to Generators in Nigeria. Along with the supply we also provide professional installation of the same. Our generators are such installed that they monitor the mains power in such a manner that it automatically switches on whenever the mains are disrupted.

Types of Generators:

There are a variety of generators that Vacker Nigeria has in offer for its customers in Nigeria. We have a target of some of the major cities of Nigeria namely: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan and Kano.

The elementary AC Generator

These are the basic generators that are AC generators that consist of wire loops that rotate in a still magnetic field. This produces and induced electromagnetic force in the loop. There are brushes placed in connection to the loops so as to pick the induced electromagnetic force. This is how the elementary generators work. Further they are classified as:

The elementary DC Generator

It used a couple of segments of metal rings. These segments are insulated to each other which form a simple commutator, which replaces the slip rings of the AC generator to be a DC generator.

The practical DC Generator

The framework of Practical DC Generator differs from Elementary Generators and so does the principle of development of main field. The commutator of a Practical DC Generator is different than that of an Elementary Generator. There are multiple segments and equal number of framework coils.

Classification of Generators:

On the basis of the kind of field connection used by the generators, these generators can have three major classifications. There are basically three types of field connections. They are: Series would, shunt wound or parallel connections and compound wound.

  • Series-Wound Generators: In this series of generators, the fields are connected in series with the framework of the generator.
  • Shunt-Wound Generators: In Shunt Wound Generators, there are a number of turns of wires in the field coil which are connected in parallel with the load.
  • Compound-Wound Generators: These generators are a combination of both series wound and shunt wound generators.