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//Medical Equipment

Since prehistoric time human beings have been falling ill and eventually they have been being treated as well. The history of medicine goes back to a very long time and has been evolving ever since. As an evolution in medical science, medical equipment came into being and the same have been making our lives more comfortable. Medical equipment are also known as armamentariums are crafted to facilitate the various related purposes in the field of medical science. Various related purposes may include diagnosis, monitoring, analysis and treatment of different medical conditions. Vacker Nigeria supplies various medical equipment to many major cities in Nigeria like: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ibadan and Kano.

Types of Medical Equipment:

Vacker Nigeria has a number of medical equipment to offer. Some of them are as under:

Diagnostic Medical Equipment:

These equipment generally include machines used for medical imaging. These equipment facilitate in the diagnostic purposes. Some of the commonly used diagnostic medical equipment are: X-ray machines, MRI machines, CT scanners, PET scanners, Ultrasound machine, etc.

Treatment Medical Equipment:

These equipment include various tools used for the treatment purposes. Some of the commonly used treatment medical equipment are: infusion pumps for delivering fluid into the body of the patient, medical lasers and LASIK surgical machines for surgical purposes.

Medical Monitors:

These devices let the medical personnel to observe, monitor and analyze the medical state of the patients. By monitoring the vital signs and other related fundamental parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EEG, etc of the patients, which further facilitates the medical personnel to pin point on the current medical condition of the patients.

Life Support Equipment:

These equipment are used to maintain and continue the bodily function of the patient. Some of the common life support equipment supplied by Vacker Nigeria are: pace makers and other heart-lung machines, medical ventilators, anesthetic machines, dialysis machines and many more.

Medical Laboratory Equipment:

These equipment are used to test and analyze blood, urine, gases dissolved in blood, etc. After testing right treatment procedure can be commenced.

Diagnostic Medical Equipment:

Vacker Nigeria has made the medical field more facilitative with the supplement of many diagnostic medical equipment even for residential use. People these days have diabetes control set, pregnancy testing kit etc.

Therapeutic Medical Equipment:

Vacker Nigeria also supplies various therapeutic medical equipment like the Continuous Passive Range of Motion (CPM) machines, which is basically a physical therapy machine.

Another important constituent associated with medical equipment is the Biomedical Equipment Technician also commonly termed as BMET. In modern advancement of medical science, this system of BMET acts as an interface between the equipment and the doctor. These are the employees of medical institutions and facilitate in the maintenance and mobilization of the medical equipment.

In the medical history, medical equipment have played a crucial role in making it more sophisticated but advanced. We save a number of lives with the application of the same.


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