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Measurement has been an important part of human life. Measurement helps to give us the right idea about different factors that can affect our day to day life. With the advancement in modern technology, the measuring technology has taken a huge leap and has helped human society to make great progress in different fields. Our company Vacker Nigeria supplies different kinds of measuring instruments to its clients which help them to get the right idea about different factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure etc. and also store data that might be useful in the coming future. Our measuring instruments include Bluetooth data logger, USB data logger, Air quality meter, Hygrometer, etc. Vacker Nigeria’s services can be found in different parts of Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Aba, Kano, Ibadan, etc.

Types of Measuring Instruments:

1) Data Loggers:

Data Loggers are the devices that are capable of measuring and storing the data of different factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, etc. with specific date and time. These data loggers come with internal memory and in some cases the memory storage capability can be increased with external memory.

2) Bluetooth Data Logger:

Bluetooth Data Loggers are the devices that can measure different kinds of factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality etc. and then transfer the data to a mobile or computer with the help of a Bluetooth application. These Bluetooth data loggers are very low energy consuming. A user can get the data required without physical contact with the device and hence are very useful in saving both time and energy.

3) USB Temperature Data Logger:

USB Temperature Data Loggers are capable of measuring the temperature continuously of a location and keep its record in the internal memory storage. It is equipped with a temperature sensor for measuring temperature. The stored data can easily be retrieved from a computer by inserting the device in a USB port. This product has a very important application in medicine storage and food processing industries.

4) Electrical Data Logger:

Electrical Data Loggers are devices that are used to monitor different factors of electricity such as current, voltage, power etc. It also helps in keeping track of electrical usage in home, office or industries and help in future energy saving.

5) Humidity Data Logger:

Humidity is related to our everyday comfort. Whenever the humidity is high in the environment then we feel excessively warm and when the humidity is low, we feel cold. High humidity and low humidity both have bad effects on our skin and health. Hence it is very important to monitor the humidity of a place that can be done with the help of Vacker Nigeria’s Humidity Data Logger. It comes with both temperature and humidity sensors and helps us to decide whether a humidifier or dehumidifier is required in a place.

6) Temperature Data Logger:

Commonly called Temperature Monitor, Temperature Data Loggers help to monitor the temperature of a place and help to store the data over a certain period of time. It can be used in monitoring of the environment for research projects. It is also important in different industries especially medical and food processing industries.

7) Air Quality Meter:

Clean air can be related to good health. But nowadays the air contains different types of gases that can be very harmful for our health due to pollution. Hence it is very important for us to know whether the air we breathe in a place is healthy or not. Air quality meter is a device that can monitor the quality of air and continuously inform us if the air is dangerous for our health or not.

8) Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera:

Infrared thermal imaging camera is a unique device which unlike a normal camera does not require light rays to form an image of an object but instead it uses the infrared radiating from a body. It helps us to see objects even in the dark or through different obstacles. It is generally used in rescue missions, fire-fighting, surveillance, etc.

Vacker Nigeria supplies this device and all other measuring instruments in regions of Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Aba, Kano, Ibadan, etc.

9) Infrared Food Service Thermometer:

These thermometers are special types of thermometers that can measure the temperature of food items without any physical contact unlike traditional thermometers. These thermometers help to cook or prepare food in the right temperature and hence are used in different restaurants, hotels, home kitchen and food processing industries.

10) Humidity Meter:

Humidity can affect the surroundings of our homes, industries, offices, etc., drastically. It is very important to keep the humidity of a place in check for good health and comfort. Humidity meter or Hygrometer are the devices that are capable of measuring the humidity of a place which helps us to know if a place is more humid or less humid.


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